Welcome to Imperial Investment Realty,

Imperial is a company built on referrals by providing exceptional value to our clients. It is our corporate goal to become 100% referral driven company by January 1, 2015. Through our monthly newsletters and Signature service, we make investing simple and easy to understand for you. We are one of the few companies that believes in disclosing all the risks of investing up front and educating our clients on investing.

We have specific criteria before we decide to work with a client:

  1. The client must want to be informed about their investments but be hands off in the day to day management of the investment.
  2. The client must know what the risks are of their investment.
  3. The client must know how those risks are mitigated in the investment.
  4. The client must know how their investment will make money.

Please take time to browse the site to understand our philosophy and mission statement. We thank you in advance and look forward to helping you grow your wealth.

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Investing should be simple and easy to understand but this is far from the reality of an average investor. The over whelming mental stress of investing coupled with investor apathy has consistently resulted in poor investment decisions. Investors are left feeling beaten and powerless to do anything because life gets busy and it's just easier to forget about it than to look for alternative investments.

To empower our clients with investment knowledge so they are never fully dependent on any investment advisor's advice.

Imperial's client base ranges from families, young couples, professionals and trades people. We believe that the stress from finances trickles down into people's personal and business lives. We really enjoy helping people get control of their finances and investments but we always felt like we weren't doing enough.

Real Esate has been proven to be a consistent producer of the wealthy, Real Estate is lower risk, Real Estate is transparent and Real Estate doesn't have drastic drops in value but does have the potential to have drastic increases.

As a client of Imperial Investments we will offer our Signature Service that gives you the use our expertise and contacts to help you evaluate other investment opportunities that are offered by other companies NOT related to Imperial Investments.

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