About Us

Welcome to Imperial Investment Realty Ltd.

John Su had never planned to pursue Real Estate but rather had a turning point in his life where he had to do something or lose everything. He knew he didn't want to go back to school, didn't qualify to do much except for low skilled labour jobs but had always thought Real Estate was "Cool". On the advice of his wife, John had faxed in a 17 month commitment of $200 a month to join the REIN group and since that day his life really began to grow extremely challenging yet equally gratifying.

Within 3 years, John had purchased 19 revenue properties and had become a Gold member within the REIN group. To become a gold member you must purchase a minimum of 17 properties within 3 year period. Of those 19 revenue properties, all but 2 were bought with other investor's money.

As a result of being in the investment industry for couple years John had come to a realization about truly serving his clients from "their best interest". John had realized that when a company only has 1 type of product to offer its clients, the 1 product can only serve 1 type of client. Any other client looking for something else would need to be "convinced" that the product being offered was "better" than what they really needed or wanted. The question John asked himself was, "Am I really having the clients best interest at heart or am I serving myself at their expense?" John had made the decision to source out other investment products to better service his client's needs.

One of John's fundamental beliefs in sourcing the right company to invest with is the fact that the person managing the project had a bigger influence on the profitability of an investment than the actual project or investment opportunity itself. Take an average real estate project and give it to 2 individuals. Both individuals are really honest, really nice guys. The difference between the 2 people is that one of the individuals is an absolute perfectionist and the other pays less attention to detail. Take an average project and the perfectionist will make that project a smashing financial success while the other individual might achieve mediocre results at best. Same project but 2 drastically different results. Who would you prefer to invest with?

Being in the business for several years, John had developed relationships with many companies over the years but there were 2 specific companies that John felt had high integrity and a great heart. These companies are Dansol International and Resol Financial group. Now forging 2 strategic relationships with these companies, John is "Truly" able to service his clients from their best interest knowing that his client's money is in good hands.