Investor Options

Imperial Investments is a company that is built around serving a clients' needs. Imperial Investments believes that in order to truly "Serve" clients from their needs, two conditions must pre-exist:

  1. Imperial must carry more than one product because different clients have different needs and when offering only one product, the company can only help one type of client regardless of what the client actually needs. An ethical issue arises about really having the interest of the investor over the interest of the sale.
  2. Imperial must also offer investments from more than one company to diversify risk for their investors. This is important so that you don't have all of your eggs in one basket.

Imperial Investments - Residential Rental properties investments

1) Imperial Investment Realty Ltd. purchases premium investment properties in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our goal is to provide superior returns on safe, secure and hands-free investments. All investments will have the potential for high equity appreciation with real fundamentals to support increasing real estate values. More...

  1. a. Imperial Investment Realty offers access to a network of professionals that include lawyers, financers, house inspectors, appraisers and accountants. This allows for all transactions to be thoroughly safeguarded, evaluated and accounted for. We offer impeccable management, expertise in the Edmonton Real Estate market and the ability to enhance and improve the value of your real estate investments.
  2. b. As a full-time investor, we continuously search for the next profitable investment to capitalize on Alberta's current real estate boom.
  3. c. Imperial Investment Realty uses a proven system to purchase and sell properties when real estate values have peaked. We have also developed tactics to adjust to a fluctuating real estate market, such that any changes will have a well thought out solution with the most profitable outcome.
  4. d. We are here to be a facilitator to others interested in capitalizing on superior real estate investments. Aside from helping you capitalize on your investment, we also help find innovative ways to make your money grow.
  5. e. Our goal is to earn the most profits from the least amount of capital invested in the shortest period of time that is realistic.

2) Dansol International - Land Development Investment

  1. a. Dansol International has the best Land development in all of Alberta. Simply put Pigeon Lake, Provincial Park, and 5 golf courses put this project at the top of the charts for land. Land is a great hassle free and explosive equity investment. The reason for land having "explosive" equity is a result of buying a raw product at wholesale price and then transforming it into a finished product and selling it a retail price.

3) Resol Financial Group - RRSP's, TFSA's, All Registered investments, Cash

  1. a. Resol Financial Group epitomizes effective risk management through diversity and staging. Diversifying within different asset classes within real estate such as Residential, Construction and land reduces risk for investors because not all the projects are in 1 basket, all have different time frames for selling, all have different centers of profit to pay investors money back. Resol reduces the risk but does not reduce the profit potential like most mutual funds do that spread across many industries. As a result of staging, Resol's projects have built in profits so that in the event of a declining market, there are assets that can be disposed of quickly and still bring in a handsome profit.