Is This You?

  • Frustrated that your investments are doing poorly, ready for something different but just don't know what?
  • Angered that you were poorly informed or even misinformed about what other investments are available?
  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Does this sound like you?

  • "I've looked at other investments, but then life gets busy and I forget about what I was looking at. It keeps happening every year and I feel stuck!"
  • "I've been with my advisor a long time and would feel bad if I had to move my investments somewhere else?"
  • "I'm disappointed with how poorly my investments are doing but I don't know what else to invest in?"

What I wish I had?

  • An advisor who really knows his stuff and doesn't make you feel foolish for not knowing.
  • Gives you a "No BS" presentation with facts and figures instead of one with warm sunsets and fuzzy feelings?
  • Helps you understand what you're investing in, what the risks are, how they are mitigated or not mitigated and how you get paid?

As simple and common sense as this sounds, these situations apply to a large majority of people out there. They meet a really "nice" guy who appears really "honest and caring" but for some reason we still don't know what this investment's really about.

Take the time now to think if a 10 minute phone call is worth taking the stress out of investing and making your investments work for you instead of your investments working against you. I will ask you a few questions to determine IF I am ABLE to help and IF you are the RIGHT client for us.

Please call me now for a complimentary assessment at 1-866-200-1306 or email