Imperial's client base ranges from families, young couples, professionals and trades people. We believe that the stress from finances trickles down into people’s personal and business lives. We really enjoy helping people get control of their finances and investments but we always felt like we weren't doing enough.

As weird as it sounds one day came an epiphany: "I want to serve specifically Teachers". Questions about "Why them?" surfaced and finally a few days later the answer had come. Teachers are like the "Mentors" of society and Registered nurses are the "Caretakers" of society. These are 2 keystone roles in society that have a massive domino effect on how society functions as a whole. Since that day Imperial had decided that this is how we will make a difference in society.

A master blue print began on how to make this epiphany a reality. It began with a 2 month long survey that included John Su personally interviewing 20 Nurses and 20 Teachers. Most of the time was spent devising the 13 questions that would help IIR know how to effectively give personalized service to an Association. Some of the questions were:

  1. What's the life of a teacher really like?
  2. What financial support do they have and what support do they feel is missing?
  3. If you were to give advice to someone just beginning their career, in middle of their career or almost retiring, what might that be?
  4. What are some of the biggest misconceptions about teaching/nursing?
  5. If you could change 1 thing about your job what might that be?

With this information IIR will become the "Expert" on teachers. We will know what times work best for teachers and nurses, what additional financial support to recommend that compliments existing ones, and a strategy that is specific for teachers and nurses with personalized adjustments to suit individual needs. Our goal is to make investing simple, easy to understand and profitable so that our "Mentors" and "Caretakers" can do what they do best which is teach and nurture.