Our Philosophy: Investing should be simple and easy to understand but this is far from the reality of an average investor. The over whelming mental stress of investing coupled with investor apathy has consistently resulted in poor investment decisions. Investors are left feeling beaten and powerless to do anything because life gets busy and it's just easier to forget about it than to look for alternative investments. What we've discovered that are 4 major factors that consistently paralyze investors:


Fear of losing more money

  • What if I put it into something else that loses me more money?
  • What if I pull it out and then the investment recovers?
  • What if...?

Fear of breaking relationships

  • I don't want to burn any bridges.
  • I really like guy.
  • I know our investments haven't performed very well but I've been working with him for a really long time.

Fear of the unknown

  • I don't know what to do?
  • I don't know where to start?
  • I don't know what else to invest in?


Knowledge of "Where do I source other great investments?"

  • I've always invested with the bank and so has my parents.
  • What other investments are out there?
  • Where do I begin...?

Knowledge of "What questions do I ask?"

  • What questions should I ask him?
  • The investment advisor was really confusing with all his terms and long sentences.
  • I don't want to sound stupid by asking this question.

Knowledge of time

  • Invest now before it's too late!
  • I don't want to miss the boat again...
  • I want to get in before the up-swing happens. Buy low sell high right?!


Time to do the research

  • I am so behind at work!
  • Where do I even begin?
  • What should I look at?

Time to make a decision

  • Deadlines and demands from work.
  • I just haven't had time to think about it
  • I can't believe it's been a year already and I am still stuck in this bad investment.

Time to find a trusted advisor

  • I trusted the last guy with my investments and look where that got me.
  • I took me 2 years to find my last guy and I really don't want to do that again.
  • Can I trust this new guy?


Team built on serving the client's needs

  • Referral driven business as a result of our Signature Service.
  • 3rd party opinion on other non-related investments.
  • Offer other investments that are not directly related to Imperial Investments.

Team built on relationship first?

  • Our strategic partnerships were initially friendships first before any business was done
  • Exceptional client experience is the core of our business
  • CEO's of both affiliate companies have a close and personal relationship with Imperial Investments.

Team with a proven track record

  • Transacted over 100 properties
  • Combined Portfolio value of over $200 million
  • Experts in their field.

At Imperial we help you find answers to all of your questions so that you are able to make an informed decision. It's our policy that we will not allow any client of ours to invest money with us unless they are crystal clear on four things:

  1. What you're investing in?
  2. What are the risks associated with this type of investment?
  3. How this risk is mitigated?
  4. How this investment will actually make money?