As a client of Imperial Investments we will offer our Signature Service that gives you the use our expertise and contacts to help you evaluate other investment opportunities that are offered by other companies NOT related to Imperial Investments.

  1. We will attend the presentation with you, ask all the questions you need answers to in order to make a decision about the investment and give our opinion on the investment opportunity. We won’t recommend or not recommend the investment but just give you insight into what you should know. We don’t care if you invest with them or not, hence giving you the assurance that our information is not biased. As a result of our mission statement to “Empower” our clients, we want our clients to never be in the situation of “I didn’t know what to ask them”. Working with us with give you an edge in investing and also peace of mind knowing that the advice we give has no conflict of interest.
  2. We offer a monthly news letter that informs you of up to date and relevant topics that might affect your financial portfolio. We put it in simple language so that you understand how it affects you?

We draw our information from multiple sources so that we get a global view on issues and not just a local view. As many of us have experienced, following the local headlines is like an emotional roller coaster but we source our information from global sources, get a feel for what the consistent theme is, and give a broader perspective on these issues.

We also have a regimented process to ensure that what you’re investing in now will get you to where you want to be tomorrow. We understand that investments done today need to match up with personal life circumstances today. Imperial Investments believes that one should invest with the future in sight but invest in an investment that is appropriate to one’s circumstances now. This may sound very common sense but this is probably one of the most common mistakes people make. Many people just invest based on “not missing out again” rather than to what’s right to them now.

As a result of carrying other Investment opportunities not created by Imperial, we are able to accommodate most investment needs from short term to long term, passive to active. Through offering other company’s investment opportunities, our clients also diversify the risk from NOT having all your eggs in one basket.