a Free Sandwich at Chick Fil A With a Simple Survey

Who doesn’t love some free food? Who wouldn’t want a free sandwich from Chic Fil A? What if I told you there is a simple way to get some great food in less than 10 minutes?

Right now you are trying to figure out what the catch is. There is no catch. Take a few moments to answer a simple survey and you could be eating your next sandwich free!

Chic Fil A is offering free sandwich codes through and you could get yours today!

This is a win-win situation. Chic Fil A wants to know how they are doing, and if you are a satisfied customer. For your help of completing a simple survey they are offering you the chance to win a voucher code for a free sandwich. It’s that simple, no hooks, no gags. 5 to 10 minutes of your time answering a few questions and your next meal could be free!

Let’s go through the steps. Below I have broken down how to get your free Chic Fil A sandwich in just 10 easy steps. Follow these simple instructions and you could be enjoying a free meal today.

1. You will need access to a computer with reliable internet access.
2. Get into your internet browser and follow this link – or write it in if you need to.
3. Get your Chic Fil A receipt ready. On every Chic Fil A receipt there is an 18 digit receipt serial number’.
4. Enter your 18 digit Chic Fil A receipt serial number in the space available on the website and press start.
5. Follow the directions on the webpage.
6. Answer a few questions about your Chic Fil A experience. This should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Afterwards, if you are a returning customer you will be rewarded with improved food and services based on opinions like yours.
7. Rate your experience at Chic Fil A on a few questions about the food, staff, and venues.
8. When you have completed the survey a final page will offer you a validation code’. Write this code down immediately on the receipt you used to enter the survey.
9. The next time you are in a Chic Fil A restaurant you can use this validation code to redeem the award that has been offered to you.
10. Enjoy your free food!

It is as simple as that. If you have recently enjoyed the great food at a Chic Fil A restaurant, than you can turn one meal into two. Five to ten minutes of your time is worth the delicious rewards.

Additionally, by sharing your feelings about Chic Fil A, they can better serve you the next time that you go. Your opinions on the food, staff, and venues can be invaluable to companies like Chic Fil A. This is how they recognize how they can improve the experience of their customers going forward. So, not only do you receive the instant rewards of these survey prizes, you are also making the Chic Fil A experience better for you and everyone else.

Waste no more time, go to enter your 18 digit serial number, answer a few questions and get your free validation code now for your next.

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